Sports Betting Malaysia

Sportsbook is the perfect casino product for the avid sports fan with the passion, knowledge, and know-how of all things sports-related. Players looking to bet in online sports betting in Malaysia can now enjoy a full selection of sports games and bet type together with a wide range of bet limit offered by

Online Sports Betting

Enjoy reliable online sports betting in Malaysia with popular products like Maxbet Malaysia (previously known as Ibcbet) and WinningFT. Gob88 offers the best live & non-live odds in the market for a complete selection of sports games. Asian handicapp, european odds, total goal, correct score, over/under, odd/even score, etc are available with live betting for most of the sports games. Players can bet in a good range of bet limit with minimum bet of RM8 and maximum bet of RM20,000 per game.

Maxbet Malaysia & WinningFT

Gob88 sports games are powered by Maxbet (Ibcbet) and WinningFT. All games are integrated directly from gaming partners so players can be sure that the odds and pay-out is 100% fair across all sports games. All bet acceptance and game results are processed and provided by our gaming partners, which is Maxbet Malaysia and WinningFT.